How do you tell if your crush is gay or not?

There is this guy that I really like. He is really nice and not that bad looking, but I heard from a friend of his (she doesn’t talk to him that much anymore) said that he use to be made fun of called gay all the time. He use to flick his wrists and stuff. So, naturally, I was a little intimidated. But my other friend who had a friend like him said that she knew a guy that was just like that but he wasn’t gay, just feminine. So now I’m really confused. How can I found out if he is dateable or if he is only looking for guys? Please help!

Answer #1

I thought the same thing about the guy im dating now. I just asked him and he told me he wasnt and hes stopped doin stuff like that since we started dating. Just ask him maybe hes just feminine.

Answer #2

Yeah that was wht I was thinking but I dont talk to him about serious things like that. I’m afraid that if I ask I might hurt his feelings and then he is going to hate be. soo right there I’m stuck at crossroad.

Answer #3

ask!!!people make rumors all the time…and maybe he is or maybe he isint ask…whats the worst that can happen…you suspicions are confirmed…or you get a date.

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