How do you tell a guy you're not interested?

Okay so like a guy will come up to me and talk to me and be like “how you doin” or like “you look good” or some of their slick lines blah blah blah and like I aint interested in guys right now (or girls lol) I just wanna do me for now. Then ill say somethin like “im not looking boyfriend right now” and they’ll usually say “I didnt say I wanted to be your boyfriend” and I tell them straight out “im not looking for a friend with benefits eitha” {cus you know how guys are lol} like what do I do when they talk to me?? They still continue to flirt and try to feel on my booty and shyt and ask for a kiss afta and nooo, I dont kiss them lol so what should ii do??

Answer #1

When they try to talk to you just talk to them but give them short kind of rude answers. If they say how you doing just say fine and if they say you look good just say thanks. They will loose intrest fast enough but if you ever do become interested in them then they will be quick to accept you.

Answer #2

just give them a straight no… or don’t hang around enough for them to ask you those questions.. and more

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