How do you take photos using a webcam?

How do you take photos using a webcam? what do you press and how do you press it ?

Answer #1

Usually there’s software that comes with the camera, which you can open, and there should be an option once you see yourself, to pose and click on the TAKE PICTURE button.

Answer #2

the ‘Prt Sc’ button captures your screen. So going into ‘Paint’ would allow you to paste everything that was on your screen so you can save the picture.

Answer #3

paste it onto paint why?

Answer #4


Answer #5

my space will let you use your webcam for stills,when you upload a photo for your profile

Answer #6

well … I do have a better way to suggest here … just folow the 4 steps: NOTE: make sure that your webcam is installed and plugged in.

step 1: go to step 2: select the tab “SNAP!” step 3: allow the app to access your cam, and take the shots you want step 4: click on the shot you want to save and download it.

:) Congrats! you just took a picture with your webcam without any additional software :)

.. thats how I do it on a daily basis! oh … and you can take avatar pictures as well - you know - these square images used to represent you in forum and blog profiles?

its fun!


Answer #7

when I try to right click to paste it in I cant and I dont see it on my pictures


Answer #8

Press the “Prt Sc” button on your key bored then go to the ‘Paint’ program and go to “paste”.

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