How do you straighten your hair without a flat iron?

Sorry about the title. Anyway, I have really thick and curly hair and I wanted to see what I looked like with straight hair but I don’t have a straightening hair iron. I have a hair dryer and that’s it. So I was wondering if anyone knew how to straighten your hair without a hair straightener?

Answer #1

Do you have any friends that may have a straightener? If you do, why not ask them to either borrow it or have a girls night where you do each other’s hair? If you just want to see what it’s like, that beats all the other methods.

Answer #2

ask around at hair salons for the relaxer method that star124 said, celebrity’s get it done, and I remember reading about it in a magazine. Im pretty sure it’s not that expensive, the only thing that would make it costly is the upkeep (ie: going back to the salon after it loses its effect)

Answer #3

a hair dryer will probably make your hair more puffy if anything.. my best friend has Cherokee blood and shes half her hair is very curly an thick. I mean extremely thick..

when she blow drys her hair it get really frizzy an poofy.. the only thing she uses is a flat iron which does the job great… you should def. go purchase one..they are like 20 dollars at the very least..nicer ones are more expensive but you should be able to find something at your nearest walmart or drug store…

other then that you could go to a hair salon an get a straightening treatment done to your hair…its actually called a “relaxer” I believe that they put in your hair…it works but its very expensive to go thru a salon…

sorry hun beauty sometimes cost money…

hope I could help =]

Answer #4

An clothing iron could work as your hair straightener. For what is worth I tried it before and it really works . Help by someone else is better than doing your self to be honest.

Answer #5

Thanks, guys!

Answer #6

Sorry but you can’t fully straightn it without it.But you can try hair products to calm it down,but that’s it.Sorry girl.

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