How do you stop your period?

Im 18 years old and a virgin and I decided to lose my virginity to my boyfriend. Hes coming to see me from another city but the problem is.. I just got my period 2 days ago. Is there any way to stop it? Im not on birth control but I actually started it 2 days ago because I heard it stops the period. But I still have it:( do you think it will stop in 2 days? So that would be a 4 day period. Is there any other way to stop it?

Answer #1

Well, I figured this out a few day ago. it’s a disgusting process. Take something, stick in into your vag, and pump the blood out. Serisouly, I have only done this once, and had a 2 day period. I’m not sure if this would work for you, but maybe try it. Just be sure to clean everything.

Answer #2

Birth control slows it down. And if you’re not wanting to have kids, you can get your tubes tied.

Answer #3

It is impossible to stop your period in 2 days, I guarantee it wont happen.

Answer #4

okay first of all don’t ever use two condoms cause they just rub against each other and slide off.

Answer #5

well sweety if your having sex with him then I hope that yall are really truly in love and stay together this is something you cant turn back and say I wish things could have been better guys dont take these things to heart like we dogood luck sweety.

Answer #6

I heard if you smell bleach and drink lemons its should stop for a bit

Answer #7

just tell him to wait till next time he sees you…he’ll understand…

Answer #8

trust me… I know it sounds wierd but masturbate in the shower before he gets there! it will go away! it stops your period almost instantly! but it only helps with the bleeding! you can still get pregnant so use protection!

Answer #9

what on earth did you use..I’ve been on my period for than a month..don know what to do

Answer #10

It could work I got mine to stop a day early with the pill If he is going to be there more than a few days you can have a romantic two days by then you will be off. but if he lives out of town and may never live by you. you may reconcider letting him be your 1st for it may not work out. belive me been there done that.

Answer #11

De burth control pill onli stops your period if you have been on it a full month and continue to take your next pack durin de time you ar supposed to tak your 7 day break … there is no way to stop your periods once they have started =[ unfortunitly .. but if you ar near the end of your period and it is a bit lighter you may still be able to have sex just ask him does he mind … Hope tis helps !! Xo

Answer #12

I NEED TO STOP MY PEROIDS BY TOMRROW AYE I heard if you smell bleach and drink lemons its should stop for a bit AND IM ON BC ITS CALLED LOGYNON I don’t know IF that HELPS ME MUCH AYE

Answer #13

no, the shower or water wont wash anything away if he comes inside you and no, theres no way to stop your period in two days birth control is not going to stop it in that amount of time and yes, you can get pregnant usually within the first month of starting birth control thats why at that time you need to double up with condoms look, if you dont want to be an 18 year old with an unwanted baby, a limited future, and no clue what to do about it then LEARN abut the facts of sex before you have it learn about as well as your own, and his reproductive organs birth control, contraception, pregnancy and sti/stds

Answer #14

Using birth control WILL NOT stop your period. You also can still get pregnant the first month of starting your birth control so be very careful. lol You could always try your first time in a shower, that way it washes away. But that might not be the most special of a moment so maybe wait.

Answer #15

lol. Just tell him NOT to look DOWN. I’ve done that to my boyfriend. He was pissed afterwards, but he got over it. lol. I’m just kiding. Maybe you should wait it out. I mean he should understand it’s not like to control it, but if he’s going to be there for a few days just wait.

Answer #16

It probably won’t happen if you just started birth control. I’ve been on it for just over a year now and it still sometimes doesn’t work out the way I would like it to. You could try, I don’t think it would harm anything.

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