How Do You Squirt.?

Okay Soo I Know girls Know How To Squirt I Wanna Know How.?? girls Masterbate Yes So If Your Masterbating How Do You Make Your Self Squirt.??… Thank You(:

Answer #1

ima guy and I can make a girl squirt like no other. you have 2 go inside your pussy and play wit your g-spot, its a rough feelin area in your pussy on da top play wit that until you cum and it has 2 feel like you want to pee

Answer #2

It might feel a bit hard on your wrist, but you should take two fingers, bring them in and make a ‘come here’ kind of movement. You should feel your g-spot getting harder, and if you start to feel as if you need to pee, which you won’t, you’re on the right way

Answer #3

I touch my g-spot gently and then harder which takes about 5 minutes to do.

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