How do you snog a guy?

Am 14 and I really like this boy and he keeps asking me out but there is only one thing which is stopping me saying yeah.Well if I meet up with him there's like 99% chance that he try and pull me(snog) and I have never snogged before and am abit of a shy person :( and I really wont to but am scared that it will turn out wrong I know it will :'( am not shy around all my friends am like loud but when it comes to boys I get abit shy and I wont to try to make myself more conferenced around him

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go find one of the how to's on here I've read some now im im really conifded with kissing

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Say yes to him. And if he pulls you to snog don't be shy just tell him you never snog before. And let him take the lead and follow his lead

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its actually really natural..I was definately scared when I knew I was going to get my first real kiss (snog I guess in your terms) but once our lips got close, my mind went blank and my body chose what to technically its not that hard to follow along with what he is doing either, that way he might not be able to tell youre inexperienced (if thats part of your worries)

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Glad someone defined snog for me cause I didn't have a clue what that meant.. My first kiss was terrible.. and so will yours lol and so will his so it doesn't matter. He's not going to know any better than you will and won't care either. Your a pretty girl and he's gonna be 10 times more nervous when kissing you than you will be kissing him. You might not believe this but the ball is really in your court. The guy is always more nervous cause they don't want a bad rep of them getting back to their guy friends.

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this has happened to me but when I was 13, if you really like him say yes, because if he will just persume you wont like him..

but just tell him how you feel and you havent ever got off with a boy, if he really likes you he will understand he most likely he will find it cute.

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