How do you say seize the night in Latin?

So I’m getting this tattoo’d on me but I wanna be 100% sure. I see soo much debate over this.

I always thought it was ‘’Carpe Noctem’’ But I’ve seen a lot of ‘’Carpe Noctum’’ =S

And unfortunately I don’t know anybody who knows Latin, and I’m not all that great at it… Sooo help? =D Thanksss!

Answer #1

it is carpe noctem :) I looked it up

Answer #2

Uhmmm NO!

I mean seize the night. I already know what seize the day is. It’s a language theres more then 2 words to say… You do know that right?

No offense… But geez…

Answer #3

“carpe Noctem” just checked for it.

Answer #4

first of all its supposed to be seize the day and its “carpe diem”

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