How do you quit facebook?

How do you quit facebook? I decided it's not my thing.

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what stephanie said, you cant delete your account permanently unfortunately, what you can do is delete all your information (remove pictures and such) and then deactivate

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I just did a search and what I found in is you have to deactivate it then it gets deleted after 60 days or so.

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You sadly cant completely delete your Facebook - it'll always be there. Pretty much all you can do is deactivate it but if you went to log in after that all your stuff would still be there. To deactivate you're account here's what you do -
Go to settings -> account setttings -> Deactivate Account

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Settings > deactivate

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hah its a hate love relationship for me, causes me trouble, but keeps me in touch

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You can get facebook fans from, they start delivering the fans within the same day and they even have a tracking area for clients.

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