How do you put those (&)?

I was wondering how to put those sym. when im typing,like those hearts,the circles,I just want to know?

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you have to hold down 'alt' and then press numbers (on the key pad on the SIDE of the keyboard not above the letters) like alt and 13 is ♪ and alt and 25 is ↓ does that help? a heart is alt and 3 (♥) :D

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you have to use the numbers on the side of the keyboard or else it doesnt work and you have to hold down the alt key
the only other way I know how to make symbols is when you type this:
♥ (&heartss; without the extra s, if it works on the first one)

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♫-alt 14
♪ alt 13
☺ alt 1
☻ alt 2

alt 3

ANSWER #4 of 4

♥ = & hearts ; (no spaces)

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