How do you put more than one picture in a single photo?

I'm not sure if that makes any sense, so I'll make it more clear now :)

I've seen people putting four pictures in one default picture on their profiles for different social networking sites (a social site, a social site, etc.) I had an idea for one, but I don't know how to do it! Does anyone on here know?! I have a photobucket account, but I don't know how to do that with it, or if you even can! Help would be amazing :)

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do you mean a moving pic or a still pic with numerous images on it?

edit:.. yes I know how to do them all :p

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of course I can... ;)

I cant remember exactly how to do it with cs4 or elements now :S

To make 1 image made up of 4: just open a new transparent image - something like 500x500 - open your your 4 images up in your pait program - cut to desired size, add to transparent image and add together.. then just cut the images out of the 500x500 if its smaller and your done.. trust me, its that easy...

to make a moving image GIF: find yourself some images.. the same size is better as you then don't have to resize them yourself or have your animation shop do it for you...

then make a new transparent image: 100x100 is normally the standard for gif avatars and add all your other images to the animation... this is what I mean: some of my worse work.

see image: just think 1 days you'll be as good as me lol:

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haha oh you are my hero <3 thank you so much!!

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haha you do!? well I meant the still pic, but if you could tell me how to do both that would be awesome :D

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