How do you play the nervous game on a girl to make her squirm in a

I really need to know how to play the nervous game on a girl, what do you do? eg, how do you touch her to make her squirm, etc?

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what u do is simple, start at her feet or below her knees, and put ur hand on her, as u move it up u ask her if she's nervous, the key thing is to get to "touch" her,one way to touch her behind it to move ur hand up her side when u reach her waist and then bring it forward when u reach her boobs and it can also be played on a guy u know but that is played a little differently.

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I cant write it down but there is a hot line for the nervous game tips. call 1-733-891-1728. it will help. email me back at to tell me what you think about it. us girls like it on the boobs first then vagina so go slow, OK <3

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my story started like this:
it was in science I was sitting next to the fittesy girl ever! I looked at her boobs and she saw me and giggled. I blushed and looked away. when I turned around my hand slipped off the table and onto he thigh. she looked at me and I looked at her and as I was pullin my hand away she whispered to me saying keep your hand there. then a minute later she whispered again saying for me to finger her! I looked at her and then where her pussy was. she held my hand and said at lunch go to the field and we will play nervous. we invited a couple of guys to join us and we went to the field.
all the other guys went first and the girl said nervous every time.
when it came to me I was a little nervous myself.
what we do is we put your hand on the girls ankle and you slowly slide your hands up her leg until she says nervous.
in the end if your lucky enough the girld wouldnt of said nervous. when your reach her knickers you pull them down to her ankles and you put your hand on her ankle and you slide your hand up her leg again but when you reach her pussy you get to either
finger it
lick it
massage it
slap it
or any other thing you can think of.
if the girl says its ok you can do them all!
the girl said that I could do them all!
so thats how you play our version of nervous

if your lucky have a good time playing with a girls pussy!

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Well being a girl, I love playing the nervous game. It's just an excuse for my boyfriend and I to "mess around". :P Well you wanna start a little ways from where you want to get to... this way the game last longer and it is more fun. Slowly slide your hand up her leg to her upper thigh. By now she is already enjoying herself... trust me. She might not always show it though. Ask if she is nervous and slide a little more until you get to "touch" her. If she still is playing the game, don't stop there... keep moving your hand higher and higher. Some cases (like me)the girl won't ever get "nervous" but that is expected. If your comfortable with what you are doing or even if your not, she is still enjoying it. This game will almost always lead to a make out so... GOOD LUCK! ;)

~*~Have fun!~*~

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