How do you make your picture vintage like with adobe photoshop 0.7?

I’ve been trying, and trying and trying to figure it out.. But I just cant get it. I love how people make these cool vintage pictures, and I can make any picture but thoes. Can you help me? Remember I have adobe photoshop 0.7. thank you.

Answer #1

This is a very cool tutorial on how to get that vintage look to your photo’s =). It will work with photoshop 7.0 too I am sure. If not I can send you Photoshop 8 CS if you wish.

Answer #2
Answer #3

I found this online:

Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation - Move the Saturation slider to the left. You don’t need to totally desaturate the image, but by taking away some of the color you will get that muted look. Then if you want some of that scratchy, old photo feel, just grab a grungy brush and add a little here and there.

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