How do you make a music myspace profile private?

I do record my own music and songs, but I don't want everyone to hear them, but friends that I select. There is no option on this on myspace. Can anyone help me out, please?

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I understand that there is no option under the privacy tab, but I was hoping someone would have some type of code for this or something. Are any of you all computer savvy enough to make me one?

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Hm... I don't go on MySpace, but I know there is no way of doing that. I think there isn't... But, just let everyone open to your music. Who cares? You can disable comments I think so ***wipes don't spam it up with hatred.

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I do have a Myspace account and I know that you cant make a music profile private I hope this helps you :-)

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esaicpi, it's not that anyone is making bad comments about my music, it's that I legitimately want my profile private because there are some people who I hate thinking about even looking at my page, regardless of whether the songs are there or not? You all don't know of a special code or anything? I know it's not an option in the privacy settings, but something in code form? Are any of you computer savvy enough to make a code for it to do that? UGH. It just makes me sick that people I despise are able to look at even just my front page. Eff them, I know, but I don't want them looking.

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