How do you make a ghost appear in the Sims 2?

how do you make a ghost appear in the sims 2 double deluxe?

Answer #1

kill one of your sims and keep the tombstone there after one day or two a ghost will appear and the night… try it out… XD

Answer #2

How can I kill?

Answer #3

Lmao. okay press ctrl shift c and then type exactly how I type it: boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true then be the sim you want to kill. when your on the person. Shift click that person and find the word kill.. and then click it and die by flies with show. if you cant do it then do the exact same but find spawn then soemthing like randys kill maker or t and d tombstone or whatever then press it and a grave stone will show and then click it and it says die by and you pick which one. I like starve to death because its faster.

Answer #4

Well, get a family and a house and play the game, like normal, to make a ghost appear you need at least one tombstone in your garden or in your house, at night they come out :) you NEED the gravestones, looks like your gunna have to sacrifice someone lol

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