How do you know if you're attractive?

I just got dumped after about a 3 year relationship. I need help getting back on my feet and starting over new. The problem is I just dont feel I have the looks for a girls second glance at me. It sounds stupid but I just need some help or tips to keep me going. I think I just lost all my self esteem…

Answer #1

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re terribly “attractive”. I know sometimes, even if a guy isn’t the hottest or whatever, I’m interested, just because the way they present themselves or their personality. You should show that you have confidence and are actually a nice person. It works! :)

Answer #2

Well if a guy stayed with you for 3 years you got to be pretty of course always have confidence on yourselrf thats one thing that guys look for is confidence and knowing that your beautiful. So pick up that confidents and flawnt what you got.

Answer #3

That’s her loss! That’s not why she dumped you. Even the hottest guy in school gets dumped, just like the most beautiful cheerleader would. It’s not your looks.

She doesn’t deserve you :)

Answer #4

Try not to get too hung up on your physical appearance. There are many VERY attractive people who find themselves alone, and there are many unattractive people who have partners. So, that being said, hold your head up high, don’t look back, and go on some nice fun dates before committing to another serious relationship for now.

Answer #5

If you feel you’re not attractive, you won’t be - life happens, get out there and project/show the great person you can be !

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