how do you highlight a certain color in a picture using photoshop?

how do you highlight a certain color in a picture using photoshop?

Answer #1

Well, since you’re asking about PHOTOSHOP, I’m going to help you with PHOTOSHOP, not waste your time with some web application. Firstly, what version of Photoshop are you running, and secondly, what do you mean by highlight? Do you mean you want to make everything but a certain color gray, or do you mean that you want a certain color to literally glow?

Answer #2

well, I use picknik, and I go to where you can use the brush and make everything black and white but like, say for instance, your shirt. is that what you mean?

Answer #3

well go to hit get started now, go to the left and hit upload photo, then on the tabs go to create. hit black and white, then hit the paint brush, check where it says reverse effect. then change the brush size and the brush hardness, then color! haha. also play around with some other cool stuff on there, its got a teeth whitener and a lot of other cool stuuff, hope I helped! =]

Answer #4

mhm . (:

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