How do you guys think Gears 3 will be?

Ok so I love my xbox and I’ve been obssessed with both gears of war and gears of war 2. Now I heard that Gears of War 3 is coming out April 11, 2011!!! the trailer is bad* but will it turn out better than the other two? Now we finally got a chick in it, but will that just give it bad ratings?

Answer #1

I can’t really say but I can tell you what it will be about just like 1&2 we you will be chasing some thing then right when we kill it we find some thing else that we have to hunt and kill and along the way well fight some bad* thing newer enemies better guns bigger bosses and a new general and like 1&2 IT WILL BE BAD @$& but that what I think.thats my rant hope you liked it if you want give me a reply

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