What would you recommend on getting rid of peach fuzz on your face?

I hate my peach fuzz because when I put on foundation, it would look cakey. I have sensitive skin and can’t afford anything expensive.

Answer #1

The beauty industry offers several at-home waxing kits that will accommodate both the new and experienced user. Some of these at-home wax kits include Gigi, Satin Smooth, and Clean + Easy. They are convenient carry waxing kits that include everything you need for at-home waxing.

Microwavable wax kits are best suited for the beginning waxer, while professional style wax warmer sets are available for those who have already mastered the skill of waxing.

Answer #2

I wouldn’t mess around with it too much … some girls have a heck of a time getting rid of facial hair after shaving or waxing. Have you tried using moisturizer before your foundation? It could help by absorbing into the hair and making it softer.

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