How do you get rid of ingrone hairs on your legs?

I have to dress up at school tomorrow for soccer. I have these super strange red dots on my legs. I think they are ingrone hairs but I don’t know. Any suggestions on what they are and how to make them go away?

Answer #1

or it could be razor burn if you shaved them if you wax them it will go red if you use hair removal cream it might of burnt your legs if you have sensitive skin but it sounds like razor burn to me

Answer #2

ha. You get ingrown hairs from removing the hair the wrong way. Im a beautician and have seen this plenty of times. If you can get a tweezer and using the sharp side gently removin it. The hair might be long because it is still growing underneath the skin. You also might get a spot aroun the hair this is normal. Just use a cream on it when you remove it. In future when removing a hair make sure you shave or wax against the direction the hair is growing x

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