how do you get rid of acne fast

can you get rid of acne over night or is that simply imossible but if you know a way please tell me please or if you know the fastest way please tell me thank you very much

Answer #1

A good one is called On the Spot, by Neutrogena. ^.^

Answer #2

Proactive works but I just bought some oil free Neutrogena foam and it works good you should always make sure your skin is oil free that helps a lot and dont wear much make up until they go down or away

Answer #3

I use something that really works! the very next day your face will clear up! well atleast it happened to me! its called Tahitian Noni

Answer #4

Well if I need to get rid of one over night, I usually put some toothpaste on the zit. Not the gel kind just the paste. Wash it off in the morning

Answer #5

I use neutrigena face wash,an oxy spot treatment. it usually does not work overnight,it takes a week

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