How do you get rid of a huge nose!

Im 13 years and I cant have platic surgery, or can I. This bothers me so bad that my nose is so big. My nose is really really big. I am sure my nose is why im so ugly, because I have pretty big eyes and beatiful big lips and a cute face and cheeks but my nose is so so not cute. everyone notices it! My aunt keeps saying wow you have a big nose, my grandpa said I do, my dad said I do. But my mom and grandma say I dont but they are just being nice. I alwas have sinus problems and I think my nose is swollen, could that be why its bigger? How would I put on the makeup to make it smaller? Like all of a sudden people notice it, never before did they notice it, my nose just got bigger. I hate the way I look! The girls in my class are so pretty, and I envy them so much. The guys in my class keep saying im so ugly and that my nose is big, they say no one likes me, as in boys. I keep trying to look at myself as a pretty person, but I just cant. Im so sad :(

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I no just how that feels =(

I was bullyed because of my nose and I talked round my parents in to letting me have a nose job,but now when I look back at when I was younger I have noticed my nose has actuly shrunk a small bit . but as your still growing up your features will change !! and I bet your a stunning pritty girl so dont feel down when you see the other girls because there usauly full of themselfs !! =) x

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I heard about from a friend who recomended it to me after she used it herself. So after I heard about it I came to this site and looked into the product naturally I was sceptical at first but since my friend has used it herself with good results I figured I might as well try it. After trying it the results were amazing I was actully shocked that it worked im still in disbelief today.

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I have a huge nose too just the other day in CHURCH people said I had a black eye and it was the shadow of my nose I have my moms nose but she always looks nicer and I think I cant get a boy with this mountain of a nose little kids always are realy rude asking why my nose is so big soo I no what your going affter I in the same boat I dont know what to do and I am to aferaid of surgery:(:(:(:(:(

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You'll grow into it my friend had a gonxo nose and now it fits nice and looks fine

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I ordered the nose right from and it really works great, my nose got smaller love my new nose!!! Yeah and nose huggies is a scam

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try the product at I heard the website is a scam..I did order the product from and yet awaiting it to be delivered.Trust me I feel soo demotivated because of my big nose.Fingers crossed hope it works..XXXx

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