How do you get on a freeway?

I’m so nervous about my road test, it’s Monday at noon. because I’m 19 I’ll be alone in the car with the instructor. I havn’t practiced much with freeways because I figured I wouldn’t be going on one, but I am…I’m screwed.

Answer #1

Aw sux for u. Ya shouldof practiced

Answer #2

Well it goes like this, you find the on-ramp… k, then you merge into traffic by turnin on your left blinker and looking behind you by turning your head left to make sure your checking your blind spot… If cars are there, slow down or try to make it, but usually you want to slow down, or they move over then you get on the freeway… now you should be on the highway… drive the speed he says, and pass slow people on the left ALWAYS, use your blinker to inform other people of what your doing then once you pass move right into the drive lane (right lane) ahead of him… then turn right at an off-exit to get off and stop at lights and signs… woohoo all done, have fun

Just make sure you look in your blind spots (the area between the view behind you in your side mirrors and the corner of your vision on the left side and right side without turnin your head) blinkers are key to…

hope I helped

Answer #3

Give gas! Don’t drive slow. If you think u’ll freak out…don’t bother. If you’re nervous about other cars, hop on the freeway early sunday morning. There shouldn’t be too many cars and it be less stress for u.

Answer #4

yeah I’m gunna try tmr2/Sat. haha but yeah thanks guys, I’m very nervous, I know I shouldn’t but crap I sure am

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