How do you forget a guy :(?

Please read..

I think my boyfriend doesn’t want me anymore.. :((( for the past weeks he rarely talks to me compared to before, and he just says sorry everytime he does that. And if you’ll look at us you won’t even notice that were boyfriend&girlfriend cause the way he acts its as if im just an ordinary friend. I dont know maybe his feelings are already fading. Its our 4th monthsary today and he didnt even care to greet me. He just gave his gift (its also our xmas party today btw) to me then he left.. I mean what the hell. I’m 100% sure he’s not like that before. :( and I think I just wanna break up with him and start to forget him, but I dont know how.. Can you give me ways on how to? Please it would really be appreciated.. I feel really sad..

Answer #1

Its our 4th monthsary today and he didnt even care to greet me

So… you’re feeling rejected, and instead of actually TALKING TO HIM about it, you’d rather just ‘’reject him back’’ by breaking up with him? …o…k…

And you’re counting MONTHsaries? Seriously?? You know, for a 25yr old, you certainly act 15…

shakes head

…four months is NOTHING. If you want to break up, then BREAK UP. There’s no trick to forgetting a person… because you WON’T forget him. He was a part of your life. You can certainly stop thinking about him, but that comes with time and experience. Time is the only answer. End it. Move on.

Answer #2

You know, for a 25yr old, you certainly act 15..

Ohhh. I’m actually 15, you know. Hahh. I just posted on my profile 10 YEARS older my age. Seriously. :| I’m still a teenager. :|

.. and I don’t count monthsaries. I just said 4 months to be really specific.

Thanks for the advice though.

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