how do you feel about sex-ed

lots of parent are upset that they have sex-ed in school I think its a good think its better to know than be do you feel about it

Answer #1

I think being only 14 and actually only had sex-ed since I was 11/12 it has also helped clear a lot of things especially if a girl asks about her you know what, my class did like 3 months on girls reproductive systems and things and only like 1 month on guy stuff weird!? it has helped though. =)

Answer #2

just saying but sex ed class cant keep you a virgin forever. no matter what. and the teachers think that teaching this is going to change evryones mind. but it wont. even after girls and guys(some) will still be losing their virginity at like 14. xoxoTina

Answer #3

Judging by the questions on here, I think there’s not enough sex ed in schools or it isn’t doing enough of a good job.

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