How do you drop out of high school.?

likeee do you have to fill out papers,? who do you talk to? do you have to be a certain age?

Answer #1

god you people are dumb, why don’t you try reading exactly what what this person is asking. she’s not saying she’s going to just completely drop out of high school and be a bum. she’s going to get her GED. just in a different way. by switching to homeschool. school is not for everyone. it wasn’t for me either. I’m a smart kid but I thought school was a complete waste of time. I wanted it to be done and over with. to me it was boring. pointless. the only good parts about school was everything but the classes. so I dropped out a while ago BUT I’m getting my ged through an online thing. I think it’s much better because theres no bullsh*tting and you don’t have to waste time sitting in a classroom with a bunch of dumb kids. that’s the thing I hated most about school. like most kids I think fast, talk fast, act fast, and learn things fast, but it took like 2 weeks for the class to get through one lesson just because of 2 or 3 idiots that didn’t understand it. school was too easy and too boring for me. I rarely showed up. the only time I would show up to class was on test days.. and I would ace almost every test I took, just so that I could prove to my teachers that I wasn’t stupid, and that I thought his/her classes were a waste of my time.

anyway, to answer your question, yes you have to fill out paperwork and have your parents formally withdraw you from school. if your parents say it’s okay for you to pull out of school then have them go to your school and talk with the principal. for me I think it took like a week before it was completely official that I was no longer in that school. so yeah, just try talking to your parents first and have them do that for you. good luck.

Answer #2

I think,,, if you have gone through school for so long & only have a short while to go, its not worth dropping out,, seriously just study/concentrate & finish high school, you will regret it later on if you were to drop out, its not worth it,

I hope you reconsider dropping out, its not that long to go, all the best :-)

Answer #3

I don’t see myself going to school; I’m a paranoid freak and I wish I had a tutor and I don’t know where to get one… :/ I think if I had one,, then school wouldn’t be so hard and demandingg.

I heard homeschooling was a bit easier and the teacher acknowledge your needs.. whereas teachers in regular schools are too “busy” and they don’t teach you much; they just think that you can do the work without a person knowing what they’re doing. that is why the standards are too low;;because kids are supposed to write essays on things they have not obtained.. it’s so stupid.! I want to sit my teachers down and say TEACH us how to write essays not EXPECT us to know how to write them ughh

Answer #4

DONT!! itl be your biggest regret! just work hard now and play laterr!!

Answer #5

Just go to your guidance counselor sweetie, they will help you out.

Answer #6

homeschooling does sound a little rough… How is that your only choice?

Answer #7

Don’t do it! but, if you really want to, go to your guidance counselor, they will give you the information you need.

Answer #8

well, I could do homeschooling…

Answer #9

Why would you want to? (serious question)

Answer #10

omg… STAY IN SCHOOL! like really… me and five friends decided hey lets all drop out at the same time! and now our lives are rather miserable

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