How do you deal with a shy guy?

Well, I’m 15 and I recently got my frist “boyfriend”. He’s a really shy guy, so we only talk one on one, not much at school. We really like each other in ‘that way’ but he doesn’t touch me…at all! And we’ve been “together” for 2 months. I really need to talk to him about his feelings, but every time I try he changes the subject. How can I get him loosen up a little and tell me what’s on his mind?

Answer #1

he might just be afraid that your going to do something. try to confront him about this and how you feel about this. maybe he’ll listen. you just have to tell him your feelings and maybe he’ll tel you his. it depends though. hope I helped. good luck. xoxoTina

Answer #2

wow! your boyfriend is just like mines… at first he wouldnt do anything…even hugging was a problem! I know you tried talking about it with him but when he changes the subject, you change it back. when I wanted us to hold hands more, I told him…and he changed it. if he keeps changing the subject, use break up card. one thing boys are the most scared of is that. that would get him to talk. if not then he’s not the right one for you…

my boyfriend use to be so quiet and he doesnt have that many friends… but when I started to be completely honest with him, he would do the same. and now he’s not to shy around me and we even talk about doing stuff to each other…lol :) I’ve been with him for 1 month and a week.

I hope I helped.

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