How Do You Copy a song From a Computer To a cd?

How do you copy a song from itunes to a cd?

Answer #1

If you have a burner, go to itunes and make a playlist of the songs you want and click ‘burn disk’ at the bottom right.

If that doesn’t work you might need a program like DeepBurner.

Answer #2

thewre is a program called nero express and you can download the basic one for free if you don’t mind bending the law then you can go the and download nero express ultra eddition if I got the website wrong then go to any crack search and it will most likely have it good luck


Answer #3

insert a disk then go to itunes and then click file and make a playlist and then in the bottom right corner when you are done click burn disk.

Answer #4

u must have a cd writer . first ,insert an empty cd then right click on the songs and choose send to cd -wr

Answer #5

I did exactly what you guys said but it didn’t work. It said disk burner or software not found. what does that mean?

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