How do you connect a ps3 in to the interent so you can go online?

I’ve just got a ps3 and I really want to go online so I can play games with my friends but I dont know how to…can anyone help?

Answer #1

k cheers pal I think ill go wireless

Answer #2

does it have to be wireless internet?

Answer #3

Go to the options panel.

Scroll down to the icon that says “internet”

Go through the instructions stated.

Choose the internet you wan to connect too.

If it has a password (wep) etc…

type it in and connect.

Answer #4

its all from your router… so if your router is wireless to your pc it doesnt have to be to your ps3..

its just a simple process of plugging the ethernet cable into your router and running it into your ps3

but if your router is like 50 metres from your ps3 wireless would be the option id choose..

or you could just more the router closer to the ps3…

it’s entirely up to you mate :)

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