How do you turn on a girl haha im not used to it ...

How can you turn on a girl and make her really horny?? And how do you make her horny while txting her or msging her please help haha :)

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tell her stuff like ima start from yur neck and down and lick yur nipples down to yur belly button [tease her] then back up slowly work my way down...and tthen keep going

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Every woman is different and has different things that arouse them. The only way to know for sure - is to ask your girlfriend what she likes. Communication is essential in a sexual relationship for it to be great!

If you want to turn her on some basics are usually, kissing, massaging, her neck, her ears, touching, oral sex, manual play, etc. As for turning her on with text messages, just tell her things you want to do to her, tell her how you can't wait for her to come over and then explain what you would like to do.

How do a guy turn on a girl?
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to turn her on while texting you should, tell her stuff you want to do to her, and how pretty she is and basically what you would do with her if she would let you.

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haha, if I were a guy all he would have to do it tell me (you know as in txting wise not face to face) that he is so ready for me and that he is on his way to do "bad things" to me and that hes gonna give me the hardest sex I've ever experienced and make me sceam bloody murder...haha im real discriptive sorry...but face to face he has to hit me in all the right places to turn me on...a lot of girls like tickleing their back with your face..that gets me every time..

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