How do you raise a wild animal?

How do uraise a wild animal like by catching them, loving them, feeding them, thank you please answer

Answer #1

you should never take an adult animal out of the wild, their used to their home and doing fine, if you want to raise one to be a pet, take it as a young one, but when you take that roll, you are taking the role of its mother, just like any other animal, like the dairy calves, when you take one and baby it, you are its mother, and have to be their, to feed it, love it and care for it because that calf depends on you for survival

Answer #2

To tame one, you’d have to do as haloyeah said…get one as a baby. BUT, keep in mind, they don’t stay babies long…and because they are wild animals, they can revert at any time. They are wild…as opposed to domesticated…and there is no way to completely take the wild out of them.


Answer #3

A wild animal has to be brought when he or she is a baby so they can be grown your way, an adult wild animal is almost impossible to have at home. But yeas a baby wild animal just needs to know you are his owner and that you are feeding him and that you love him so he or she knows who you are so she or he never attacts you. Also might be good to take him to school so he respects others too.


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