How do you know if your cherry has been popped?

how do you know if your cherry has been poped or not because i really am not sure i think that i might have but idk and if it hasn't how can it get poped like does the guy stick his penis up there or what ?? and as sad as it is to ask but twhat is it exactely?? i really have no clue on this subject help!

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If you're interested in learning more about popping your cherry and what exactly is involved, then you need to watch this video. I'm not saying that it will answer all your questions, but it'll most likely help quite a bit. It's a relationship advice video that was posted on a YouTube channel. Check it out.

How to Finger

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The hymen is just a thin little piece of tissue. Most people think it is far inside the v*gina, but it is actually part of the external female genitalia (that means it's outside, not inside). So if you know what to look for (most people don't), then you could see it. The hymen does not really serve a purpose, so it does not matter when it tears.

Most girls tear their hymen long before they ever have a penis in there. The hymen usually tears in childhood or puberty from things like tampons, fingers, and even running and jumping. There's usually little or no blood when it happens, so most girls aren't sure exactly when it tore.

Many people notice blood during sexual activity and assume it is from the hymen. While it is possible, it is not too likely. Some girls do have a really thick hymen, so theirs might stay intact through running, jumping, fingers, tampons, and even penises! Theirs also might have more pain and blood when it does tear. That isn't the norm though. If there is blood during and after sexual activity, it is usually from tiny tears inside the v*gina, usually by caused by the girl not being lubricated enough.

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Cherry popping, can your cherry pop more than once?
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If your b/f can stick up all his d*ck into you, then you are not virgin anymore.

What happens when your cherry pops?
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yup, my gf tore hers by fingering herself so it's nothing weird ;)

How do I know when my cherry has popped?
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Virginity has nothing to do with the hymen.

How do I know if my cherry is popped?
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this is just an expression for losing your virginity, so yes you've 'popped your cherry' if he sticks his dick in your vagina. The expression comes from the hymen breaking (answered in detail earlier) but you don't have to break your hymen to have lost your virginity.

Can you pop your cherry fingering yourself?
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I was 5 months pregnant and suddenly out of nowhere, got a urinary tract infection. I never had one before so I thought it might have been related to the pregnancy changes.

At 7 months pregnant, my so-called husband did not come home for two nights, did not answer his phone after repeated calls and when he did return home, acted as if he didn’t do anything wrong, as he was “working hard at his office.” He decided to sleep there in order to “get a sales project completed.”

At 8 months pregnant, I got another urinary tract infection, despite having kept myself impeccably clean.

At 9 months pregnant, I had two unexplained flat tires on my VW Jetta. The tow truck driver pulled out two large blades and asked me if I had any enemies.

When in labor, 8 days past my due date, I called my so-called husband to help me, as I needed to go to the hospital. He did not answer 3 of my phone calls so I got my parents to take me to the hospital. While giving birth, he showed up, possessing a strong odor of booze and pink-colored make-up spotted across his collar. My mother acted as if she didn’t notice it, but I did. It was so obvious.

I prayed the whole time I was pushing. I tried to block the smell of his strong liquor and the vision of his sweaty face with his after-sex attire.

After I held a beautiful, blue-eyed baby girl on my chest, l breastfed her, then drank some ice cold water. I realized I was all alone. No one stayed. It was 6:23 am in the morning. I went to sleep.

I think I slept the entire day at the hospital.

Later, a black nurse with shiny hair and glistening eyes smiled at me. Upon waking up, she brought me an ice-cold, 32-ounce cup of juice. Best grape juice I ever had. Her voice was comforting and all-knowing. She held baby Jana in her arms and gently showed me how to hold her while feeding. I was awkward. I cried. The nurse stayed and sensed something was wrong. She actually cared. She started humming in a sincere, soulful manner, as if she held both of us in her arms. She shared a human kindness and love that I had never felt before.

It healed me as I uncontrollably continued to cry. The nurse had a way about her that made me feel like I was close to God. I prayed in my mind as I snuggled with my baby girl.

Three months later, my dad helped move us back to my childhood home. Unfortunately I had to see the cheating with my own eyes before I could leave. I had followed Jana’s so-called father one evening when he left to “go to the gym.”

Please know that God has mercy. It all worked out OK. My parents helped me raise Jana. I finished college and have a career I love. Although I never had the courage to remarry, I’ve had a few amazing long-term boyfriends. My humble life is interesting, challenging and rich with love for family and friends.
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