How do you give a BJ or HJ

How do you give a BJ or HJ

Answer #1

ohhh NONONONONONO this is after he askes me out and we have been dating for a while… im pretty much just curious.

hey guys can you go 2 my profile and commernt on “does my neighbor secretly like me.”

Answer #2

So your probably thinking that if you do this, he will like you better, and want to go out with you even more…WRONG! Let me put it to you this way>That kind of behavior will NOT make a boy commit to you. You are only showing him how desperate you are to be with him, and that you are willing to do whatever it takes. Hun, guys dont like easy girls. They also have no respect for them. Its just a very bad start to any relationship.(if there is even going to be any)

Answer #3

Someone im in love wit and soon to b boyfriend… so ya im not a slut or anything

Answer #4

Is this your boyfriend, or a guy your interested in?

Answer #5

Ask him! Just make sure it looks (and sounds) like you are enjoying it just as much as he is.

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