Products to make hair wavy?

give me ideas on what products to use in my hair to make it wavy/curly.

Answer #1

paul mitchell scrunching mousse/ curling iron, the mouse is great for scrunching cause I use it all the time, btw, it comes in an yellow bottle. or a perm. I have naturally curly hair so I really don’t know, and I hate my hair. lol. I always straighten it.

Answer #2

I don’t think there are any products that do that to your hair. you have to use curlers or a curling iron. Perms are expensive, but you can do that also. There are products to helps your hair keep the curl after it’s permed. I have never seem a product that curls or waves hair.

Answer #3

loreal curl power I use :D the cream and spray :D

Answer #4

there is garnier fruties hard curl that works good.

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