How do idelay my period for birthday?

Okay im 14 and im turning 15 in three days december 4th. Theres a chance ill be getting my period in the next two or three days is there anyway to prevent my period for like two days? I cant have my period on m birthday. My friends have plans and stuff for me, I;ve been waiting errr all year! Please help me. Any food or dietary or exercises or something lmao. Please help this is ver important

Answer #1

Wow! You’re in the same boat as me! Mine’s due to start tomorrow (sorry, TMI) and my birthday is on Saturday. Unfortunately at this point in the game, there is diddly squat either one of us can do. Birth control pills (I believe those were the hormone pills Ty was referring to), take a while to set in, and even longer to cause changes in your cycle. And exercising or really altering your activity can effect it, but that has to be done before you ovulate (about 2 weeks ago) and carried through up to now. And we’re really talking some heavy duty exercise. Right now you’re past the point of no return, so you’re just going to have to grin and bear it. But I’d recommend just using a tampon. Even if they’re taking you swimming, you won’t have any trouble whatsoever with a tampon. You’ll eventually have to pee, so you’ll have to go to the bathroom ANYWAYS, so what is the big deal if you have to change a tampon out?

Answer #2

Actually if you change activity and can cause your period to come at a diff time. for xample start exercising or something it can disruot the cycle. no gurantees though.

Answer #3

You could have delayed your period using hormonal pills. I dont know if it’s too late to do that. You could try calling up your doctor. Also, it’s called a tampon… Seriously, unless you’re planning on sex (which is also possible on your period), there’s nothing that you cant do on your period…

Answer #4

Oh that’s easy! Just leave a tampon under your pillow for the ovulation fairy and you will be period free till the strike of midnight.

But no, really. Unless you’re taking a form of birth control that alters your menstral cycle which would take time to kick in, your best bet is to start taking ibuprofen or something like midol to treat all the symptoms as soon as you feel cramps begin and use a tampon so you can go swimming or play sports worry free.

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