How do I use the wifi trading thing in pokemon diamond?

Ok im using pokemon diamond and I don’t know how 2 trade with my older games like sapphire and stuff like what can someone help?

Answer #1

I dont remeber exactly what you do put keep playing through the story at some point you will unlock this place you can go to…I wish I could more but its been a while

Answer #2

you put the old saphire game in the bottom of the DS and put the Diamond on in the top.then, on the Diamond one you go to the place where you normally trade and there should be a special booth for the GBA pokemon games. go there and you can put the old pokemon on the new game. but you cant put the new ones on the old game.

Answer #3

You set up your wifi connection and go to a town in the game to get an app for your watch or something and from their you can go to the trading center

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