How do i unfreeze my ipod nano?

I have a ipod nano, my lock is off.
when I shake my ipod it will switch songs and I can listen to it, but the whole screen is frozen and so is the scroll bar. you cannot choose song. so pretty much the screen is always black and the spinny part does not work,
I tried to hold down the middle button and menu, and it did restart but its still frozen. and I also reset my ipod, and restored, and it's not workin :/
If you can help me I'd really appreciate it
thankyou so much !

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no,lol this happens to me all the time dude,you gotta unlock your ipod and let it die,then it will start working again.that's one thing I hate about ipod's haha,and you didn't have to reset everything.[:

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just plug it in and let it sit on till it un frezzez

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tried it

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