How do I treat my child's asthma?

My child has asthma and I was wondering what was the best way to treat this. I do not like the idea of constantly giving him medications. Asthma does run in the family but with my child’s asthma problem, I get very worried about the types of medication that are recommended. Is there a natural remedy and if not what are the best medications available?

Answer #1

I think for each child the medication might be different but you would have to consult a doctor on this one. Watching your child go through this can be difficult if you do not have asthma yourself but keep in mind that many children do live with this and live normal day to day lives.

Sometimes even doctors take weeks or months to get the right medication that fits your childs needs and keeps the asthma under control I think it has to do with how many respitory infections your child may have.

Try keeping an asthma diary and see how your child responds to the medications being given his/her doctor. This may help you identify what triggers your childs bouts of asthma (example is it effected by being around animals or outside).

Good luck and try and open an in depth dialogue with your pediatrician.

Answer #2

there is this great website that specializes in herbs and natural cures, natural remedies can help your childs asthma. And possibly even cure it for good. my friend worked with the people who made this website, she had had asthma for like 5 years and she is completly rid of it now- i think she worked with natural remedies for a little over half a year or something. so you could give this website a try:

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