How do I transfer my contacts?

kay so I had the samsung slyde. then my dad decided to smash it…cause he was mad at me. anyways. I’m getting a blackberry curve soon. is their anyway to transfer all my old contacts from my old phone onto my new phone? btw it isn’t completely trashed. it still works I think.. I’m just wondering if there’s any easier way to move all my contacts at once then adding all 280 again manually :/

Answer #1

There is a way..if you are enrolled in a wireless back-up like that of Sprint where all the contacts are also stored on the website and not just on your phone. So when you change your phone, all contacts are available.

Now if you dont have that, try to store all your contacts on your memory card. If you dont have a memory card, try to sync your phone to your pc (normally if your phone comes with a cd software and cable, you can plug it to your pc) so you can have your contacts stored in your pc and then transfer it to your blackberry phone.

Now if it is not available, try to file transfer using your bluetooth.

If all else fails, you transfer it manually. ^_^

Answer #2

Need to transfer contacts from ipad to computer or mac? It is easy for us if we use the third program called ipad to computer transfer or ipad to mac transfer tool. As to how to do it step by step, you can visit the link here:

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