How do I tell my guyfriend im done with sending him nude pictures?

Ok so me and my guy friend have known each other since like birth and have been like inseperable!! But we wont become boyfriend girlfriend and I want to keep it that why. But we do the whole sexting think and I snd him nude pics of me but now im starting to feel kinda like violated every picture I snd him. So I want to stop because its making it awkward looking at him in the eyes expecially at church!!! So I want to stop but I dont know how to.

Answer #1

okay how old are you? 14? sweetie what the fuck are you sending nude pic’s to someone?. that’s just trashy in my opinion :/

Answer #2

okay so just tell him the full up truth were not havin sex and it gets kinda awkward when I send you those pics goodluck :)

Answer #3

“sexting” why? you say you go to church so I asume your a christion and I’m sure it says somewair in the bibbel that you shouldn’t have casual sex. it’s your boddy so you have evry rite to turn around and say No! you’ll do the rite thing. good luck

Answer #4

when he asks for them simply say no. When he asks why say youve gotten picture messaging taken off your phone or that the camera is broken in it…I always come up with excuses (:

Answer #5

ha no sweetie im 16 :/

Answer #6

just tell him thats always good.

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