How do i tell my boyfriend that he can touch me?

Ok, so me and my boyfriend have been going out for a couple of months (like maybe 5) and he gives me lots of hugs and the occaintional kiss. I am not usually very touchy and he knows I will let him touch me, which is something special. Iwant to rimind him that he still can touch me but I dont know how!!! please give advise it would REALLY help. I really love him and I would like him to stay with me!

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The first one seems like a pretty good solution.
He might be anxious that you'll think he's p*rvy. (No offense I'm sure you're a really nice person)
So go with the first one yeah.

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aww ^ thats a good one hah!.
er, sit him down, gaze into his eyes, and tell him that you love him?
or that you hope the relationship is going forward. And from there, slowly kiss him, and pull him closer to you and what not, then just either take his hand and place it where ever (hah) or just gaze into his eyes, and carry on kissing and something should happen. Maybe he's just shy? Maybe he's not had much experiance and isnt sure of what to do, so just tell him straight, or do that kissing/touching thing, he should get with it then,
Good luuuck (:

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Okay here's what I did. My boyfriend was kanda scared to touch me because I've been sexually abused multiple times nnow so he was nervous. But anywyas, when you two kiss, pull him closer to you, kiss him more passionately, this is what helped me the most is if while you guys are kissing grab his hand and place it down your lady part, stop kissing look him in the eyes and just smile then go back to kising him. he should get the hint then. =) hope I helped!!!

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