How do i tell a guy i want them to suck my boobs

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Call me I can help you

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when I wanted my boyfriend to suck my boobs I didnt know how to ask either so instead when we start making out he is usually on top of me. so first I take his hand and guide it to my boobs and just put his hand there and I signal my boyfriend to squeeze by just putting my hand on his and pushing it around so my boobs move aswell and then I push in his fingers verry gently he will get the hint fast so while hes doing that pull off your shirt and then take off your bra, he might still not know how comfortable you are or how far he is aloud to go, so let him get comfortable touching your boobs, he might at this point go sucking them by himself but he he doesnt then put your hand on his head like you would when normally making out but push it down lightly and slowly start to not make out as much to show him your done making out but you want him to move his head done, that was enough for my boyfriend to get the picture but if he still doesnt and just thinks your done so he stops making out and gets up to just look at you then take his head with to hands and pull him down, again not so he gets whiplash or anything! then as you pull him down say suckk or somthing in a sexxy moany voice and start humping him. I hope that helps! let me know if it does or doesnt :) have fun!!

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that made no sense to me :P

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kiss and lick his chest, maybe he'll return the favor.
maybe after you lick his nipple, you can look at him, and motion with you eyes or head toward your own nipples. i'd get the hint if a girl did that to me

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I'm answering this question, pre-supposing that those who are asking the question, or reading for answers, or who are wishing to do this, are of legal age of consent in their jurisdiction, in order to do this.

Okay, here it goes: ladies, we guys aren't nearly as good at taking hints as women least, not most of us.

So, while taking of your bra, tell the guy that you want him to suck your ti*ts - end of story. Please be direct. Guys see this as some stupid game whenever women want us to read their mind. We aren't typically "wired" like that. Just tell us, suck my boobs...lick my cl*it...lick my a$$hole...stick you di*ck in my a$$...fu*ck my ti*ts...whatever...

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sure ;)

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its good question, i would never say it to my bf. luckily, my boy really like to suck my nipples and to lick my boobs, it makes me crazy, its true sometimes it really hurts, but still make me turn on, he always start with the kissing. also, he plays and squish them, OMG, feels so amazing. if he loves you, he will do it eventually, he might be shy,that is only reason, hope he does now:))))

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You should start playing with your boobs infront of him and show how much it pleasures you so he can get the idea

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Go topless especially if his friends are visiting. Maybe they'll suck them and he'll get the idea...........LOL

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