How do I talk to a guy who I stopped talking to(due to rumor)?

He’s very sociable and capable of speaking his mind. He made everyone laugh. It was the beginning of junior high when I met him. I was into the whole “punk” thing and so was he. I dyed my hair colorful colors and had a “weird” haircut. I was very quiet.. too quiet. He complimented my style a couple of times and was really nice. We started talking more and more after they change his schedule. I stopped being so quiet and always upset my teacher for interrupting her lecture. For some reason I always had a feeling he liked me, but I tried erasing that thought. I never intended to mention this to him because I was scared he would stop talking to me and never talk to me again. He always wanted to know who I liked. I’d always change my mind on purpose so, he could keep asking. At that time though, he was dating this girl for a month who also complimented my hair before after I dyed and cut it “normal”. Before class started he looked very nervous and asked me to hug him. He was whispering some things to his friend next him(both were facing in front of me). I asked them to tell me and they wouldn’t. I thought it was something bad, so I asked him and he responded, “Not at all.. I’ll tell you after class”. He looked at his friend, Kevin, and told him to tell me. Kevin looked at me and said, “he thinks your hot”-“Do you like him?” Thinking about this made me feel awkward. I didn’t know what to say. I looked at him to see if this was just a joke and he started turning red. I responded with “I don’t know”. The next day after the whole confession thing, I began really liking him. I realized how much of a good friend he was. I told this one girl who I didn’t talk to much and she promised not to say anything.(stupid me) Next thing you know, she told his ex. At that time, I had no idea she still had feelings for him. Two days later, she went up to me and said; “I hate you, you’re the reason why I cried”. I felt so bad. Her friends didn’t talk to me. And then some other girl who heard the confession spread rumors that we were “secretly dating”. The guy found out and thought I was the one who told everyone that. He not only hated me because of that incident, but because of the fact that everyone was on his ex’s side. He completely ignored me and stayed away from me. I hated school. I went back to my “quiet-ness” and lost a couple friends. He didn’t believe me, I tried explaining it to him, but he wouldn’t listen. He blocked me on messenger after I failed on getting him to understand. Three months after not talking, a friend(who I no longer talk to) of mine convinced him to listen to my side of the story. He later apologized and tried speaking to me, but I ignored him. I hung out with the wrong people and hurt that friend’s feelings;she told him what I did(long story), which made him think differently of me and made me so embarrassed. It was hard being myself around him. Little things like, “yes”-“no” were the only words that came out of my mouth. By the end of the year we kinda got back to our old ways and talked little by little. It was the last day of school when, he grabbed my hand and laid his head next to my shoulder. The class bell rung and summer vacation just started. Once I got on my messenger I chatted with Kevin for awhile and confessed to him I really did like him. He later informed me he had been dating this other girl (who I knew, and she knew I had feelings for). It angered me how I didn’t know this. Especially, her betraying me. It’s been exactly one year. Now this is the second year and I haven’t been able to talk to him ever since. He’s tried saying “hi” a couple times in the beginning and I ignored him. I’m too afraid he’ll ignore me and do the same thing I did. The years almost ending, and I want to be able to talk to him. I’ve never really got over him. I have so much regret in me. I see him everyday though and we never make eye contact. He’s usually with a crowd of people. Advice?

Answer #1

K well I didn’t read it all… Sorry, but umm don’t let rumors ruin anything no matter what. And umm don’t give up on the guy if you like him. If he ignores you go talk to his face and make him feel bad if he ignors you… Hope I somewhat helped:)

Answer #2

High School sucks and rumors suck more! :( Poor you. I think the best thing is to text him/email him and ask him to meet up with you outside of school for a casual lunch. Tell him you just want to clear the air with him and let him know the full story from your point of view. Don’t focus on wanting to date him now - mention you DID like him, don’t say you still do or that you dont. Let him wonder. But just say it all got turned around and explain how it got so complicated. Tell him you think he is a nice guy and it would be great to be able to see him in the halls and say hi. I think this may be the best way :)

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