How do I stop this person please help me?

Ok so this guy I take to school is trying to break into my car..I already have it figured out. He put sugar in my gas tank to try to get my car to stop running (so I would leave it at home and they could break into while im at school), luckily it didnt but today he brought his friend to my car to look at my radio..that caught my eye! And I know these people and know what their up to! I have a double din, and subs thats what they want.. How do I prevent them from breaking into my car!?!?! They will prob try to do it at night! Please help and im a female so I cant fight them but my friends will be ovr tomorrow to try to set them up! Whats the best way please help sorry this is long

Answer #1

If you suspect this guy is trying to rip you off, then why are you giving him rides to school? Tell him to go to hell.

Answer #2

Yeah a car larm is a good thing like most of the above said… you know. it sounds like they are going trough a lot of trouble to break into just one car… I mean there illions outhere you know. But yeah I think that the alr is what you can do. Tell the cops is also a good idea like shygirl34 said so they take care of those people.

Answer #3

IF you having nothing from what ichibanarky mentioned, dont surprise them. try parking your car, in the street behind were you live, and walk a block or 2. GL, or you could bust him, from you window and call the cops. 24hr in jail, will teach him a lesson.

Answer #4

You can try using a car alarm…if you don’t already have one, you’ve just set yourself up for disaster. If you have a garage, use it, or have it parked in a secure parking garage. You can also try hiding it at a (trusted) friend’s house.

The police won’t do anything just because you think someone is going to break into your car.

Answer #5

ty is right obviously DONT give soemone a lift if there trying to break into your car avoid him and his friends dont leave your car near them and dont talk to them maybe even install hidden cameras in your car but basically, keep it away from places you know there going to be and dont give any of them a lift or let them see you car to “‘fix”” it or they will just come up with new ways to break in

Answer #6

U should put your ar on lockdown or tell the damn cops duhhh!!!

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