How do I stop my friend copying me!?

She always says what I say , does what I do ! One time I hurt me knee so I was limping and then weird enough she started limping!

Answer #1

How about just saying a simple ‘Can you stop copying me please I don’t like it’ and if she doesn’t stop then she is just an annoying person, and who wants to be friends with that?

Answer #2

Well, if I were you I’ll tell her like is and be honest with her about your feelings. Let her know that you want her to stop or just stay away from her until she gets what you mean.

Answer #3

I have the same problem. what I do is say why are you coping me and if she says she isnt I say wake up and smell the roses tell your self the truth. I want to be friends but you are making it very hard. or you can wear something ugly that she will posably like and tell her its the new trend. then she will wear it and like it and start a fashon of her own. or go shopping with her and pick out something that she will like that doesnt copy you at all and make her try it on then say it looks so cute and she should get it. I did the shopin one and the tell her one and they worked like a charm! :)

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