How Do I stop my face from Peeling??

Exfoliate? YES , Done that with a scrub. Doesn’t work.

Toner, yes. Moisturize. again Yes. sigh

I can never win. My scalp and all around my hair line flakes like mad. I did badly bleach my hair at one time but that was 2 YEARS AGO; giving my head plenty of time to heal by using conditioner treatments for damaged hair. But now my face is peeling. especially on my eyebrows which is strange.

Please if you may, Any Moisturizers or facial lotions out there I can use to help supple my skin and stop the flaking. It’s embarrassing. It shows through my makeup.. I am also using healthy organic makeup too. No Talc.

Thanks so much!

Answer #1

clinique has an amazing thirsty skin mousturizer I love it. or olay over night mousturizers work great tooo

Answer #2

Not sure about better moisturizers that may work for you, but also try eating a healthier diet and drinks lots of water. Multivitamin and/or oil supplements like Evening Primrose and Vitamin E should help too.

Answer #3

The absolute best thing I’ve found for wintertime dry skin…I too, flake and it gets itchy, at the temples and hairline is Sea Plasma…it’s made by Focus…it’s a spray for hair and skin…I’ve been using it for over 20 years…and it’s the ONLY thing I’ve found that works.


Answer #4

proactive lotion is designed for people with acne. it actually dries the skin slightly to get rid of pimples. I would get a moisturizer that is meant for dry skin, if it says anything about acne on it, dont buy it.

Answer #5

Oh no. It never gets itchy at all. It’s just flaky and its not wintertime skin, I have it all year round. I also meant to say flaky, Not ‘Peeling’ as the headline says. oops.

I usually see flakes right after I exfoliate in the shower and that’s when I see tons of extra flakes! so I would take a wash cloth, wet it and rub off the suckers and then put on some proactive lotion. It helps. .for a while. My skin just acts like its thirsty.

Answer #6

That much peeling of your skin isn’t normal. It sounds like you might have a type of eczema. You’ll need to make an appointment with a dermatologist for treatment.

Here’s a website for further reading on it.

I know around here we use a cream with rooibos in it for eczema, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to find it over there.

Answer #7

I have the same thing. It sounds like psoriasis. I say that because it runs in my family and I have flakes on my head just around the hairline and as well on my eyebrows and when I grow facial hair its there too. I would suggest using Neutrogena T-Gel for your hair 2-3 times a week and sunlight and Vitamin E for your face. Hope this helps Rich

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