How do I stop masterbating

Okay, I first discovered masterbating in the fifth grade[lol my legs were crossed and I started squeezing and…yeah…] and ever since then every chance I get when im alone I’ll start masturbating, anything I can do so I don’t do it so much?

Answer #1

I agree. have sex

Answer #2

masterbating is normal

Answer #3

or not, because sex at 13 is just stupid…

you’re going to have to explain more. Is this interfering in your life somehow? Why do you do it so often?

Answer #4

ok this is rreeaalllyy simple. have sex! I know you probably think its too early for you, but it might get you to stop. and if you think you can’t get a girl because your not “in love” well , im a girl and trust me most girls just wanna have sex then to have sex for love… so go for it, and see if it helps… =]

Answer #5

i don’t agree with luv69lf don’t have sex, cuz then you’ll crave it, keep up the masterbating!!!

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