How do I stop feelin lonly???

Im starting 2 feel lonly and stuff in school and I don’t know y… I became like this ever since 5 months ago or somethin… I have a bunch of friends but somehow im still lonly!!! I don’t know if I just dont wanna talk or if somethin else… Im sooo confused some 1 help because @ the beginnig of the school year I was loud… Someone help!!!

Answer #1

thnx! you guys’s advice is gonna help :)

Answer #2

well, you could still be going through the hormonal process of becoming a women.. that can mess you up emotionally. and hun, you’re never alone.. just remember that. you’re friends are there for you, and maybe you should talk to one of them and tell them how you feel, because it’s good to have some attention. don’t put a mask on for people, show what your feeling so they can help you out.. it’ll be alright, just stick in there..

Answer #3

well it sounds like you have moved away from your personality. just try to be like you were in the beginning. also try to talk more and lead a conversation. start to be heard you know.

Answer #4

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