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How do I STOP Bullies??!!!

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One day I was walking to my home from the mall with a bunch of flowers. I was really excited to put them in my room. All of a sudden these guys come out of no where and ask me some really weird questions, so I answer. Randomly one guy hits me in the face, another picks me up and throws me down. I start screaming but no one was around...I was really scared. They then beat me up a lot till I bled. Then tied me to a post upside down with only underwear on. And they left my clothes right in front of me to taunt me. A few hours later the fire department got me down. Around my neighbourhood I've been getting beat up a lot. Is it because I'm gay? Is it that I am girly, or is it all random??? Here a few details about myself to help you determine why and how can I defend myself?
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black,white,blue (the white and blue is hairdye)
Eye color: Emerald green
Shoe size: eight and half
weight: 110 pounds
height: 5'9
Fav song: Armageddon
Fav male singer: omg uh,Bill kaulitz He's so cute!
I'm wearing rite now: Skinny black pants (only thing that wont fall off me..)Iron fist carousel tee,four rainbow wristbands,baby blue small bow in my hair,Septum,tounge,ears,helix,snakebites,hips,eyebrow,bellybutton peircing
Fav thing to do: Shop, look in the mirror TO pretend that Im 30 more pounds, going out places, drawing aniime, writeing books and poetry, and I guess playing video games *o*... If you know what I