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How do I stop being frozen with fear?

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I have been on a horrific emotional roller coaster the past two years with my wife (she has been having a two year emotional and sexual affair with her sister's husband and keeps coming back saying she's going to break it off but never does). I became clinically depressed to the point where I was unable to even get off the couch and work. I have been under a doctor's care who prescribed me medication that improved my depression to the point where I am no longer paralyzed by depression, but I am now paralyzed by fear caused by me not doing anything to help my clients for the past 5 months. I own my own business and have literally ruined my career and will probbaly lose my license as an actuary. I am sacred to death to face what I have done and call my clients to send them what they are asking for. I am literally flat broke and have two young children to support (plus my wife who still lives at the house keeping us in turmoil) and can't even buy food.

I have done some reseach about what to do when you're in my situation and realize that I am probably making my client problems bigger than they really are and need to just force myself to take the next step. the problem is I still can't move. Has anyone felt like this before and been through this? Does anyone have any advice for me? thank you!